Dentistry For Cardiac Health

This is my very first blog and I wanted to discuss something which is close to my heart , simply cardiac health. Small dogs get a disproportionate amount of dental disease relative to large breeds. There are many reasons why smaller breeds get dental disease but today I prefer to address the damage dental disease can do to other organs especially the heart.

A perfect example is Roxy a wonderfull 12 year old Bichon who was recently acquired by her new owner. When presented for examination her dental health was a major concern. She obviously required extractions. Prior to surgery her blood samples were sent to the Idexx laboratory. One of the parameters we generally test is BNP. This test helps assess cardiac health . Roxy's BNP number was 1900 which basically indicates she has cardiac disease.  We did proceed with an extreme dental several days later . Roxy required 18 extractions which is far more then I would usually do at one time.

I advised Roxy's owner to recheck the BNP 4 weeks post dental in order to see if she required long term cardiac medications. Time elapsed  and her owner was unable to do the test at the ideal time however we did her bloodwork yesterday and the results are excellent. Roxy's BNP is now 936. This is a huge improvement and demonstrates the significant difference her dental procedure has made to her quality of life and the health of her heart.

Bad teeth damage health.Please check your pets teeth. For more information on dental health check out the following website.