Nutrition and Care

In our opinion a healthy pet is a product of many things the most important being:

1. Caring and nurturing.

2. Nutrition

3. Exercise

The food our pets eat plays an important role in his or her overall health. Balanced nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

First of all I would like to express my personal opinion. There is simply no perfect food out there for our pets. If there was one perfect food every veterinarian who has studied nutrition during their training would recommend it without hesitation. What we have in the pet food industry is a very large number of companies who market a huge number of products and most of them claim that only their products are the best while knowing full well that that is not the truth. The food industry is full of marketing and some of it is excellent. Some companies could sell snow to the Eskimos .Most owners are lost in a sea of information much of which is provided by individuals who have no training in nutrition.
In over 33 years of practice I have seen many dietary fads come and go. There will always be a new one to add to or replace the many that are held up to the public as gospel truth.

At Carrington Animal Hospital we are big supporters of Hills Veterinary Diets. Hills spend a tremendous amount of money on research which exclusively pertains to pet health care and disease prevention. They also have a call centre in the States for veterinarians. A team of specialists is available for consultation on any feline or canine health problem .This help centre is available to all veterinarians regardless of whether they promote Hills diets in their hospitals. We have no hesitation in saying they do make a comprehensive range of excellent quality diets for the prevention and treatment of most disease and also maintenance diets for perfectly healthy pets. Last year for the first time they introduced a new line of cat and dog food called Healthy Advantage .This new product maintains the same high quality as the regular Hills diets.

My favorite maintenance diet is W/D. This diet is sometimes called "wonder diet" in the States. It is used for weight management, prevention of bladder and kidney stones, diabetic management, some types of bowel diseases and also pancreatitis prevention.

Please ask our staff as they are all trained to assist and guide you in the selection of healthy and beneficial choices for your pet.

We also recognize that some pets are on alternative medical diets .We are pleased to assist by ordering these products for you. If your pet is doing great there is no need to change for the sake of change.

K/D: Renal diet. The very first prescription diet ever designed to aid a sick pet.
C/D: A diet to prevent and treat bladder stones and crystals.
J/D: A diet to assist any pet with arthritis.
T/D: A diet to help clean the teeth, and prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar.
D/D: A specially designed for patients with skin issues.
Z/D: One of the best hypoallergenic diets made today.
I/D: A diet designed for those pets with irritable bowel disease
 I/D Low Fat: Similar to I/D, but lower calorie and with the added benefit of ginger
 Metabolic: The most advanced weight loss diet, with proven results.

KD Diet - Kidney disease diet.
This diet is used primarily for patients with renal disease but can also be used also for some cardiac patients. KD works to reduce the work load of the compromised kidneys and thereby delays the onset of clinical signs and improves quality of life.

CD Diet
Aids in the management and prevention of struvite crystals in the urine.

JD Diet
This is a mobility diet. JD has a large amount of essential fatty acids which are natural  anti-inflammatory compounds. This diet is excellent for arthritis patients but can also be used for patients with skin problems and for cardiac patients.

ID & ID Low Fat Diet
Intestinal disease diet is a hypoallergenic diet which is highly digestible and used as a nutritional aid for dogs with diarrhea, vomiting, gastroenteritis { acute or chronic } and for dogs recovering from gastro-intestinal surgery. ID Low Fat is a lower calorie diet, and it has the added benefit of ginger to help soothe the stomach. It is the main diet used for dogs who are prone to pancreatitis.

LD Diet
Liver disease diet is highly digestible and enriched with extra essential fatty acids to promote healing. LD diet is also used for patients with copper storage liver disease.

TD Diet
Tartar diet is indicated for patients with gingivitis, periodontal disease or tartar build up. This dental diet aids in the prevention of dental disease,  however, no diet is sufficient on its own. Regular dental hygiene  also plays an important role in your pets oral health.

DD Diet
This is primarily used for pets with food allergies and inflammatory skin conditions. It can also be used for pets with gastro-intestinal disorder. It comes in choices of salmon and potato, duck and potato, venison and potato.

ZD Diet
This is the top of the line hypoallergenic diet range made by hills. We recommend this diet for pruritic dermatitis, chronic otitis external, chronic colitis and gastroenteritis and inflammatory bowel disease. When using a hypoallergenic diet it is important not to supplement with any other food. Treats should always be hypoallergenic. Hills makes special treats for cats and dogs, excellent for the vomiting cat.

Metabolic Diet
This is a breakthrough weight loss diet. It ensures safe and healthy weight loss and easy weight maintenance. It is focused on each pet's unique metabolism, and helps pets burn fat rather than store it. Studies show that over 88% of cats and dogs lost weight with this diet. 

WD Diet

This is an excellent maintenance diet. This diet is indicated for obesity prevention, diabetes mellitus, fibre responsive GI disease and prevention of crystals in the urine of pets who may gain weight on CD Diet.  WD is low in fat and high in fibre and carnitine to promote lean muscle mass. WD is used for pets who have had pancreatitis or are prone to this disease.

Healthy Advantage Diets

These are a full range of diets for puppies, kittens, adult dogs, and adult cats. Each diet contains 5 different components (immunity, digestion, weight management, skin and coat, and mobility.)  Immunity: Antioxidants in the diets help build a healthy immune system. Weight Management: These precisely balanced diets help avoid excess body fat by maintaining lean muscle. Digestion: Brown rice, oats, and barley help maintain a healthy digestive tract and firm stools. Skin & Coat: Omega fatty acids promote healthy skin and a luxurious coat. Mobility-Natural glucosamine and chondroitin promote healthy joints and enhanced mobility.