We realize that almost everyone is a little concerned when they have to undergo an anesthetic and surgery. Most owners also share this concern for their pets. Our team takes every reasonable safety measure to ensure the best possible care during anesthesia and surgery. Your pet will be constantly monitored using equipment the same as or comparable to that used in human hospitals.

We ask all owners to allow us perform to the highest standards and therefore request that any pet going under anesthesia have pre anesthetic screening. This includes pre anesthetic blood work, a physical exam and a customized anesthetic regime which considers the size, age and breed of your pet and also takes into account preexisting medical conditions. Pre-anesthetic blood work allows us to check for any possible complicating factors.

We also strongly recommend the use of I/V (intravenous fluids) for all patients having general anesthesia. I/V fluids make all procedures safer and allow a faster easier recovery for your pet.

Analgesic (pain relief) drugs will always be administered prior to surgery and during surgery as appropriate to ensure your pet will be kept as comfortable as possible during and following all procedures.

After surgery your pet will be closely monitored during the recovery period. We make every effort to contact all owners after their pet has woken up from anesthesia.