Every regular examination at Carrington Animal Hospital includes a dental assessment as maintaining dental health is an important factor in the overall health profile.

We sincerely believe that it is impossible to be a healthy pet without having the benefit of a healthy mouth. This area is far too often overlooked and ignored. Our teeth will hurt when they are injured or diseased. Our pets have exactly the same nerve and blood supply. They are programmed to hide their pain and discomfort. This talent constantly amazes me and it is simply a survival tool. In the wild it never pays to show any sign of weakness. This toughness does not mean that our pets are not enduring a lot of discomfort. Our pets need dental care too. Advanced dental disease is a direct cause of the many other problems we see including renal and cardiac disease. We advise all owners to have a regular look at their pets teeth especially those with dogs under 30 lbs .Large breed dogs also get dental disease and sometimes really advanced periodontal disease but not nearly so frequently as smaller breeds. Cats also get lots of dental disease and are too often overlooked. They tend to get cavities which cause considerable pain.

A proper and thorough dental prophy must include cleaning below the gum level. This is impossible to achieve without a general anesthetic. The real problems occur at and below the gum level.

All our dental procedures include pre anesthetic blood work and intravenous fluids .All patients are constantly monitored during their general anesthetic with equipment which is the same as or specially programmed for small animal practice.

Some pets will require dental extractions .These pets will also receive analgesic and antibiotic therapy at that time and at home.

After the dental procedure your pet will be closely monitored and given any extra medications if they are required.

We would like all owners to brush their pet's teeth but realize this is not practical for many pets or for their owners. Special diets such as Hills TD (tarter diet) will help by delaying the buildup. We also advocate the use of water additives to assist in better dental health however none of the aids including chew sticks will work for all pets. Some pets are just more prone to dental disease just like the human population.

Dental discounts

Every Thursday we offer a 30% discount on regular dental prophies. This special package includes pre anesthetic examination, pre-anesthetic blood work, sedation, general anesthesia, hospitalization, dental cleaning and polishing and intravenous fluids. Patients who require extractions or who have advanced disease which require a longer time under anesthesia are charged for extra units of anesthetic and surgical time.