The decision to take your sick or injured pet for treatment can be difficult and even distressing for owners and for some pets too. Our experienced team will do everything we can to make this a comfortable and even pleasant decision.

The examination is the first basic step. We may need to perform blood work and or other tests to assist in making a sound diagnosis. We have an experienced hospital team and modern diagnostic equipment which includes onsite laboratory, radiology, endoscopy, ECG, video otoscopy and shortly will be adding ultrasound to the range of diagnostic services.

Early detection and treatment of illness and injury gives your best chance of a speedy recovery.

Senior Pet Wellness Examinations

Your senior pet has already established themselves as a special family member. A complete and thorough physical exam is recommended twice yearly for a senior pet and this should include a wellness blood panel at least on one of these visits .As pets age organ systems can show evidence of gradual decline; a wellness blood panel will often pick up evidence of this months and years before a physical exam.

In late 2009 a new test became available called a BNP test. This test has been available in human medicine for many years. At Carrington Animal Hospital we use this test routinely in conjunction with a wellness panel to determine cardiac health. This test will pick up a problem even when examination, ECG and regular blood work are normal. We highly recommend this add on test for all pets aged 10 or older and for all other patients who actually have some form of cardiac disease or who are a breed prone to hidden cardiac disease. Blood work is a valuable diagnostic tool and will often be the determining factor in diagnosis and treatment.


Our on site pharmacy means you have convenient access to the therapeutic medications your pet needs. We also use an external compounding pharmacy for special preparations. For example we can get medications made up in liquid form and even have your pets favorite flavor added to the liquid…this makes it easier for many people to administer.

We have available for your convenience many non prescription products such as ear cleaners, special face and eye cleaners, hairball prevention preparations and many other medications.