At Carrington Animal Hospital we offer a comprehensive range of surgical procedures including most general and some specialized techniques.


Ovarohysterectomy: Spaying

Orchidectomy: Neutering

Aural: Ear surgery, hematoma repair, and other procedures. We do not offer cosmetic cropping.

Abdominal Surgery: Removal of foreign bodies, gastric torsion treatment and prevention, bowel resections, bladder surgery.

Ocular surgery: Third eyelid flaps, cherry eye (prolapsed nictating gland), entropion, ectropion, enucleations.

Orthopaedic Surgery: Standard pinning, external fixation and ACL (cruciate) repair.

Tibial Tuberosity Advancement:

Dr. G.O'Reilly has  been performing surgical procedures for correction of torn cruciate ligaments for 34 years. In 2010 we started offering one of the best methods to date which is known as TTA surgery. This procedure has been very successful for the vast majority of patients allowing a quicker recovery and excellent long term results. We offer a comprehensive surgical care plan which costs $2500 to $2700 depending on patient size and level of fitness. Please call for a consultation if you are considering advanced surgery. There are less expensive options such as extra capsular repair which are ideal for smaller patients and some older less active larger dogs.