Vaccinations have caused a lot of controversy over the last 10 years or more. Nowadays the vaccine companies are far more aware of the public concern and have designed vaccines which are very effective and far gentler than those used years ago. There is no doubting the fact that vaccinations have contributed greatly to improved health for people, pets and farm animals. The vast majority of vaccines were developed to prevent diseases which are capable of causing tremendous trauma and even death. Diseases such as Parvo virus and Canine Distemper were capable of ravaging a local population. The viruses have not disappeared but the incidence of disease is a tiny fraction of what it once was. Not all pets need to be vaccinated every year against every disease. We will suggest a vaccination program for your pet based on age, lifestyle, breed and general health status.

Keeping your pets vaccinations up to date is a simple step in reducing the risk of your pet contracting a disease which can be very stressful for them and for you the owner.

The annual physical exam is an ideal opportunity to discuss your pet's vaccination requirements and to also discuss any concerns you may have regarding such areas as dental health, ears and skin, behavioral problems and nutrition. Our goal is to help you help your pet have a long healthy and happy life.

We will always recommend an excellent de-wormer at the time of vaccination and physical exam. This should be done three times a year. For the many clients who use Revolution from spring to fall we only recommend using Lopatol or Drontal twice per year. For cats we always use Milbemycin which is very palatable and very effective.


We strongly recommend the use of this product every spring and into the fall. It is applied to the skin between the shoulder blades once monthly. We use this product because it is extremely safe and it not only prevents heartworm disease but also fleas, mange, lice, ticks, ear mites and round worm infestation of the stomach and intestines. It is our number one recommendation every year for the last 10 years and will continue to be so until some product which is proven to be more effective becomes available.